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Our Vision

Our Vision

The plastic material PET strains the environment and thereby damages the reputation of the plastics industry, especially due to improper disposal. The degradation time of heavy (thick-walled) products is clearly longer than that of light ones. This is why sensible and careful handling of this recyclable material cannot only be driven by cost aspects.

Our technologies meet this requirement without restriction …

….by 2025 a quarter of all produced PET bottles will benefit from a weight reduction of 5-7% thanks to our Mint-Tec and Neck-Lite technologies, and this without any negative effects on the mechanical properties...

…this corresponds to a global saving of approximately 170,000 t of PET granulate, i.e. the annual output of a polyester production plant of 400 t/day.

Our mission

To sensitize the end consumer and beverage industry to use creative technologies which provides a further step to reduce waste, especially if it doesn’t find the way back into the value-chain To establish intelligent solutions in the market and to close the waste streams into closed loop value chain, were not all countries are yet participating To establish the PET-container as an environment friendly packaging with all consequences for more acceptance

Our strategy

The Mint-Tec® and Neck-Lite® approach follows the “lightweighting” trend while not reducing the product quality in any way. Thanks to the Mint-Tec® and Neck-Lite® technologies, average weight reductions of 3-7% are possible for PET beverage container, depending on the individual application of our technology. At present nearly 500 billion PET bottles are produced worldwide per year. With an average weight of 19.5 grams per bottle and an average reduction of 4% achieved thanks to the Mint-Tec® technology, about 400,000 tons PET – resin could be saved. Every single year => not polluting the environment, not being processed therefore not consuming further 400,000,000 kWh. Taking into account the actual growth of PET bottle production – we are looking at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% – these numbers will even grow year after year. We are entering the market mainly through bottling companies as they draw the biggest economic benefit from using our technology. Next we will also approach end-users to communicate the positive environmental impact of Mint-Tec®. This will open the doors to leading converters in the market.


Mint-Tec technology is featured in the April 16 edition of PETplanet insider. Download the article here to get a full view of how our technology is percieved: Due to the equalised PET material distribution in the bottle base a lower high pressure level wall thickness in the bottle base which leads to a faster cycle time of the blow moulding machine. Open PETplanet article

The all new comPETence Magazine, the “place for discussing new and undiscovered topics in the PET packaging and filling market” invited us to share our technology to its readers. You can get the first issue, including Mahir Aktas` article on Mint-Tec technology and many more news and insights from the PET worlds leading companies here. Open Information PDF

Open Information PDF


Mint-Tec® and Neck-Lite® are trademarks of Creative Packaging Solutions Ltd.

We are a young, dynamic and innovative company relying on an experienced team – some of us have been active in the beverage industry for more than 20 years. Our administration and sales organization has its headquarters in Izmir, Turkey. The R&D engineering team is based in Bavaria/Germany, close to our production site. The customized preforms of the specifi ed design are sampled in our laboratories in Germany and Switzerland.

Mahir Aktaş, founder of CPS, grew up in Germany, studied mechanical engineering in Bavaria and worked for major companies like Krauss Maffei and Netstal- Maschinen AG in Switzerland. In view of the fast economic growth in Turkey he decided to found CPS in Izmir while maintaining his excellent network in Western Europe, mainly in Germany and Switzerland. As it turned out it was an ideal move to set up CPS and guarantee its success.

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